Text to Handwriting with OCR ! A super quick way to complete assignments.

Hello y’all, Its been a long time since we have written assignments, but we all know someday they’ll come back haunting us. So churning this time in lockdown I thought I’d make something productive.


Handwriter inputs either an image and/or text and/or drawings.

If an image is passed as input, it recognises text written in image using Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology which can further be converted into 10 pre-provided handwritten fonts, with an option to add your own handwriting.

If a text is passed as input it converts it into your own handwriting or provided 10 handwriting fonts.

You can draw something and add to canvas too. It can be anything. From a dot to your scholastic diagrams.

This is a secret feature!
Select ACE in canvas Background.
I study in Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai and I wanted to integrate my college assignment sheet here. I just hope my college staff don't read this! Here is the output.

Sample output :

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Inputting coffee, outputting code.

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